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Our goal at One Lucky Duck is to help you eat healthier, live healthier, and feel amazing. By eating a more natural and uncooked plant-based diet, you can drastically improve your own wellbeing, energy levels, and overall vitality. So, what does One Lucky Duck do? We start by making food and snacks that are not only good for you, they taste good too. And we do this for everyone. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or you eat meat, whether you're sensitive to gluten, dairy, or soy, or if you simply want something good to eat, we make food for you. If you want to give your kids healthier snacks or encourage your parents, friends, or other loved ones to eat better, we're here to help. Our focus is on plant-based eating and living, and sourcing the very best of what's out there in clean, natural, and environmentally sound ingredients, products, packaging, and practices. And we strive to do better at it every day.


In 2004, with Sarma as co-founder, Pure Food and Wine was opened as New York City's first upscale raw food restaurant. It's also where it all started. Sarma's vision was to change the stereotypes of vegan (and raw) restaurants as places for only crunchy folk. To that end she has most certainly succeeded: Pure Food and Wine was featured twice in New York magazine's “Top 100 Restaurants” and five years in a row in Forbes magazines list of “All Star New York Eateries” with three stars. In both cases, the restaurant was included on its own merits, not in any vegetarian/vegan category. As Forbes wrote, “Pure Food and Wine's menu of raw vegetable concoctions may make this the Big Apple's most unusual restaurant—as well as one of its best.”

The menu at Pure Food and Wine is comprised of organic and seasonal plant-based ingredients, transformed in creative and innovative ways, and never heated above 118 degrees. With one exception on the lunch menu, the restaurant's food is also gluten free. An extensive list of organic, biodynamic, and sustainable wines is complemented by a list of seasonal cocktails made with organic sake. The restaurant seats 64 in the main dining room and 20 in our private room. In the warm weather, our backyard garden seats 70 under the sky and trees. There's bar space both indoors and out. Pure Food and Wine is open for lunch daily from 12-4 and dinner 5:30 to 11:00pm.


We have two Manhattan juice bar and takeaway locations. One is on East 17th Street and the other is in the west side's Chelsea Market. Both locations offer made to order organic juices and shakes, as well as bottled fresh pressed juices, and One Lucky Duck packaged snacks, sweets, and ingredients. Fresh salads and other takeaway raw food is available as grab and go at Chelsea Market, and made to order at 17th street (as our 17th street location is connected to the Pure Food and Wine kitchen). Our 17th street location also has a more extensive dessert menu, as well as our famous raw vegan ice cream by the pint. Both locations carry a selection of retail goods, One Lucky Duck merchandise, as well as Sarma's books.


Sarma launched the One Lucky Duck online store in 2005 to help bring the raw, vegan, and organic lifestyle to a wider audience. At you'll find our One Lucky Duck packaged cookies and snacks made by hand in our own facility in Brooklyn. The online story also carries the best in raw, vegan and organic ingredients, supplements, and lifestyle products, including apparel and a growing selection of products for your pets.  The site also features the very cleanest and best skincare products and cosmetics, all specially selected, tested, and endorsed by Sarma and the One Lucky Duck staff.

The One Lucky Duck website also houses the Pure Food and Wine site, the juice bar & takeaway site and our company news blog as well as Sarma's own personal page.