Virgin Coconut Oil

by Quality First

  • 30 oz

    The fat in coconut butter is made up of medium chain fatty acids, and is more likely than other fats to be used as an energy source rather than stored as fat. A few studies on coconut butter note that in the 1940's, farmers tried using coconut butter to fatten their animals but found instead that it made them lean and active. Its melting point is approximately 75 degrees, so it may be liquid (oil) or solid (butter) depending on the temperature of where it's stored. Getting good coconut butter is important - much of what you find on the market has an icky toasted flavor (possibly from the way it is processed) and will add that flavor to your food. This coconut oil has been extracted from fresh coconut by a process that eliminates the need for high temperature and solvents which allows it to retain attributes inherent in natural coconut oil. Add big spoonfuls of coconut butter to creamy or fruity shakes, use it in puddings, tarts, cookies or anything that calls for a bit of richness. Or make super-easy and fast freezer fudge, with almond butter, cocoa and other ingredients. To learn more about why we are totally obsessed with coconut oil, check out our blog!

  • 100% Pure Organic Kosher Virgin Coconut Oil. No Preservatives. No Additives.

  • Coconut butter is not only good for your insides - it's great on your skin as a lotion or to remove eye makeup. Further, because of its antimicrobial properties, it also works perfect for those situations in which you want something slippery..

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